Holy Spirit Moments

Have you ever found yourself caught up in one of those moments? You know the moments I’m talking about. Those moments where you recognize that you are in the right place at exactly the right time. You are in your element. You are no longer yourself, but instead are the person you dream you could be. If you haven’t experienced this, I don’t know how to describe it. If you have, you know exactly what I mean.

This week over 300 students have come into the Wesley Foundation at A-State. 300+… Did I mention that official move in day is Saturday and school starts Monday? Like, what in the world? In the past week I have just found myself in this space of disbelief. It all began last week with a meeting with a group of ladies from local congregations wanting to help me implement an idea. Earlier in the summer I had the idea of providing lunch to some of the young women going through sorority recruitment on campus. I was just planning on inviting those I knew and hoping they would spread the word. Little did I know…


Some of the faces of Greek Life at A-State at lunch at Wesley.

These magnificent church ladies pushed me to talk to the Greek Life office about advertising for the lunch. Well, unbeknownst to me the cafeteria at ASU was closed this week even though many students had returned to campus. Young women going through recruitment were having to buy their own meals or make ramen in their dorms. I sat down with church lady lunch crew and we planned an event for 50 girls. If we have 50 girls that would be a success. The Greek Life office not only advertised, but advised students to eat lunch on campus at Wesley. Our plans of 50 were thrown out the window when I received a call asking if we would be able to accommodate 275 young women. Not knowing what else to do I said, YES.

Was I scared? Yes. Was I sure we could pull it off? No. Was I certain that if we tried, God would show up in new and fantastic ways? Absolutely.


The line for lunch wound through the building and down the steps.

On Tuesday there were over 275 young women in our building. They came in groups of ten. They wound their way through the tables and made plates at our nacho bar. They were loud and cramped in, but they were so sweet and grateful. The church ladies made two separate runs to the local Mexican restaurant for taco beef and chicken. Yet, they shooed me out of the kitchen to mingle and talk with as many girls as I could. So, I wandered about asking ASU trivia and handing out sunglasses for correct answers.

There was a brief lull as one group of 135 was leaving to make room for another 135 to come. I remember thinking, “How did this happen?” Honestly, the answer is, “I don’t know.” The only thing I can imagine is that we somehow tapped into the Holy Spirit moving on campus. Now that I’ve gotten a taste of that, I am beyond excited for what is to come this semester.

One of the less popular teachings of John Wesley was the idea of Christian perfection. That we were able in this life to achieve perfection through Christ. This separated Wesley from many of his contemporaries and cause quite a bit of backlash due to lack of understanding. Wesley encouraged perfection as a perfection in love. During seminary, I spent a semester in an independent study talking about Wesleyan Theology- specifically perfection. My professor likened it to this. That moment when it is no longer you speaking, but you are a vessel for what God is trying to say. I am pleased to say I felt one smudge closer to perfection this week. I hope that as the semester continues I can keep “moving on to perfection.”

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