One Bite at a Time

It’s been a year since I graduated from Iliff. And what a year it has been. I moved from Colorado back to Arkansas, was commissioned as a provisional deacon, worked as an aide in a preschool classroom, and took a job and moved to Jonesboro. That’s just June to August. The amount of “stuff” I’ve learned (for lack of a better term) this year is unbelievable. My education definitely did not end when I left an academic institution. I admittedly would love to be back where I could have weekly meetings with individuals reading and learning about the same things I am, but IĀ get the best of both worlds right now. I get to learn about things I am interested in and try to put them into practice in my ministry setting.

The “stuff” I’ve learned this year would not have been possible without my senior pastor/boss/friend. 10403989_10203805337199714_559624812232680486_oHe’s taught me practical things like floor installation and changing a bike flat. I’ve learned from him about the dynamics of churches and their relationships to one another as well as the Annual Conference. I’ve learned about campus activities and the yearly cycle of campus ministry. We’ve discussed ideas for the direction of the ministry at ASU, the possible solutions for the various UM crises, and even providing fair wages to Wal-Mart workers. It seems like I am constantly learning new things about ministry, life, and work from him.

At the end of the month (more accurately by the end of today) I am expected to follow in the footsteps of this friend who is leaving to take a new appointment. Boy, am I worried. I’ve gotten to sit back and learn from someone who has made an impact on countless students lives and experiences at Arkansas State. Now, it’s my turn. On good days, I am nervous about knowing where the key is to that closet we keep that stuff we only use once a year in. On bad days, I convince myself that the building itself will collapse due to my sheer lack of experience.

Last weekend, a family member reminded me of an old saying. “Do you know how to eat an elephant? One bite at a time.” I am so blessed to have had a year to learn under this capable and willing director. As I look toward all that I hope to accomplish in the year to come, I just have to remember to take it one bite at a time. I must continue to learn and to apply the lessons that I have learned. I know that I will make mistakes and that I will inevitably screw something up, but I also know that I had a great teacher who helped me to learn from my mistakes and move into this role with as much grace as I could. For that, I am very, very grateful!